Seriously beautiful Scottish Folds

Simply beautiful Scottish Folds

This is the homesite of Amber Snow CatteryScottish folds.  I have been a Scottish fold breeder since my first year of medical school in 1994.  I pride myself on healthy, sweet kittens.  I am located in South Carolina and have Scottish fold kittens for sale at various times throughout the year in most all colors, short or longhair.

Health means a lot to me! I have literally published on the health of Scottish folds. You can see my peer-reviewed paper here:

If you would like a PDF of my publication, just ask!

I was asked to give a Scottish fold “Master Class” in Europe on how to be the best Scottish fold breeder you can be! It’s highly technical and more than most want to know, however if you REALLY want to know this breed, you can watch it here: It has a passcode: 1!Magnificats

I add to this presentation constantly. I can give this presentation via zoom or in person. If your group is interested, please contact me for details.

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