Adults Available for Adoption!

Here are some of my retired breeding cats. They are sold with an adoption fee only, so are a great way for you to get a pedigreed Scottish Fold for minimal financial investment. However, these are each special cats and will require daily love and attention.

Born 6/6/14 Amber Snow Princess. This beautiful brown patched mackerel tabby shorthair straight ear has made some lovely babies and is looking for a home. She is very sweet and might trip you on the stairs for attention! She can be dominant with other cats, so would do well in a house with few cats.

Born 3/29/16 this is GC, NW Princess Arya. She was born in Canada but shown to a National winner in the USA. Beautiful brown patched tabby and white longhair folded ear. Her eyes do run sometimes and will require cleaning from time to time. She is very affectionate and loves to make happy feet on your chest!

Born 7/18/18 Rumfold&De’Kosh Luigi. This beautiful red tabby and white straight ear shorthair male was born in Russia. He is literally human glue and loves everyone. He does have weepy eyes and will need to have someone who can clean his eyes from time to time. However, his personality is so endearing everyone loves him and he is a favorite in our home.

Born 5/8/19 A very pretty blue patched tabby and white shorthair straight ear female. She is very sweet, outgoing and welcoming. She also has weeping eyes because of her face being shorter, like a Persian, however she loves to be in the middle of where everyone is. This is her in the kitchen….


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