Scottish Fold Winners

Why should you care if a breeder shows? If a Scottish Fold does well in the shows, it’s because it’s tail is flexible, eyes are bright and round, body large and healthy, it’s free from parasites and it’s overall health is robust.  Scottish folds, with poor breeding practices, can get arthritis and fused joints.  Someone who succeeds in the shows does that with sound cats.  Look for Grand Champions and Regional/National Winners.  We have produced 39 Grands, 6 National Winners, 16 Regional Winners, and many National Breed Wins. . . have a look at many of the Amber Snow winners in CFA!

GC Amber Snow Mars Bar
A beautiful brown classic tabby and white straight ear Scottish fold.

She is the VERY FIRST straight eared Scottish Fold Grand Champion in CFA!

I’m so proud of her!

Congratulations to Linda and Jon Bartley for showing Cheetos to the coveted National Win in CFA 2021-2022 show season!

GC, NW Amber Snow Heather of A Kitkat
Sue Swaim showed this girl for the 2019-2020 season and made the coveted national win! Congratulations Sue!
GC, NW Amber Snow Rhaegal of La Familia
Tina and Joan Patrone showed this lovely boy for the 2019-2020 season and made the coveted national win! Congratulations and my love to you both!
GC, BW, NW Amber Snow Marmite of Foldom
2017-2018 CFA’s 2nd Best Cat (overall)
Best Scottish Fold shorthair

Best Cat in the Southern Region
Sandi Lewis could not have done better with this beautiful boy!
GC, BW, RW Amber Snow Daenerys of Sun-Silk
2017-2018 CFA Best of Breed Scottish fold longhair
Southern Region’s 22nd Best Cat
Mary Myers did a fantastic job of showing this longhair beauty!
GCD, BW, NW Amber Snow Choclat Mousse of RK Gems
National Winner and BW for 2013-2014!
Kay Bertrand showed Mousse to a National win!
GC Amber Snow Silhouette
CFA 3rd Best of Breed 2007
GP, NW Amber Snow Vanilla Bean of Snotoz Melissa Darling showed Bean to a National win!
GC Amber Snow Beauty
GC Amber Snow Star Anise
GC Amber Snow Beurre Blanc
GC Amber Snow Dixie Crystals
CH Amber Snow Lolly-Gagging and GC Amber Snow Honey Bear
GC Amber Snow Au Poivre and GP Amber Snow Jujube shown in 2009

Not pictured:
                            GC Amber Snow Monroe Street
                            GP Amber Snow Rocky Road
                            GC Amber Snow Red Velvet
                            GC Amber Snow Snickers
                            GC Amber Snow Sweet Icing

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